Navigating Facebook’s New Restrictions on Political Ads: A Guide for Campaign Managers

Facebook’s recent announcements regarding restrictions on political ads have left many digital directors and campaign managers concerned about their ability to effectively reach target audiences. As reported by NPR, Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has prohibited advertisers from targeting people based on their perceived interest in “sensitive” topics such as health, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, and sexual orientation.

While these changes aim to address the criticism faced by Facebook and other social media platforms for their handling of political ads, they have inadvertently made it more challenging for political campaigns to engage with their desired demographics. However, there is a solution to this problem: building your audiences in advance and uploading them to social media platforms as first-party data.

VoteMAP offers a powerful tool to overcome these targeting limitations. By leveraging mobile data and advanced micro-targeting, VoteMAP creates specialized audiences that you can target with Facebook ads. These audiences can include:

  • Household lists from your voter file
  • Attendees of political rallies
  • Other locations where you can reach people most likely to engage with your message


Targeting mobile devices through VoteMAP maximizes your reach, allowing you to connect with hard-to-reach audiences who rely solely on their mobile devices for internet access. Moreover, VoteMAP improves your match rates on Facebook and other social sites by eliminating the need to rely on incomplete or outdated phone numbers and email addresses from voter files. If the mobile devices identified by VoteMAP have Facebook or other social media apps installed, a 1:1 match can be found.

If Facebook’s new targeting restrictions are hindering your ability to effectively serve political ads or engage with hard-to-reach audiences, our experienced team at VoteMAP is here to help. With years of experience in crafting effective and compliant social media campaigns, we can assist you in maximizing the reach and efficiency of your ad budget. Contact us today to learn more about how VoteMAP can help you navigate Facebook’s new political ad landscape and ensure your message reaches the right people.