Mobile Phone Targeting

Our proprietary technology empowers you to broaden the electorate by engaging audiences frequently missed by traditional IP targeting, such as minority groups, younger voters, rural residents, and economically disadvantaged individuals.

Communities that primarily access the internet through mobile devices can be effectively reached using our cutting-edge mobile technology.

We not only enhance your voter file match rate but also help you identify new voters wherever they may be: on campuses, at businesses, attending events, and beyond.

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Live Geo-Fences

Real-time ad serving and database storage for all mobile devices entering geofenced zones.

Premium Inventory

Leverage thousands of publishers to access premium inventory across static, web, OTT, CTV and video.

Time Machine

Look back five years for audience building from voter files, campuses and commercial locations.

Rich Media Ads

High-conversion rich-media ads.
Drive conversions like Click-to-Text/Schedule/Email.

Preferred Language

Automatically serve ads in any language based on device's preferred language settings.

Advanced Reporting

Provide post-campaign performance dashboard and household-level engagement data.

Flash Surveys

Conduct attributable flash surveys at scale, with results matched to voter files.

Scalable Pricing

Straightforward per-record or CPM pricing, data included. Pricing gets cheaper at scale.


Offer white-label services with your branding, dashboard, and in-house experts.

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