Deliver your message…
how you want, when you want, for the budget you want.

We deliver campaigns of any size with cutting edge technology to get your message to targeted audiences. Deliver your message where people are, on their mobile device. We take the mystery out of mobile advertising. Create your message, select your audience and desired platform, and run.  It is that simple.

For all budgets. For all candidates and organizations.

Welcome to VoteMAP.


VoteMAP is a Moblie Audience Platform.  We have partnered with the best in tech, in data, and in political strategy to create a platform where you, the candidate, or campaign can create awesome ads without the time or expense of fancy designers. Simply select any mobile audience, and run multi-channel mobile advertising with the click of a button. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

We provide you with recommended best practices in targeting and spending allocation based on our experience with hundreds of campaigns. Why should the best in tactical mobile targeting be limited to big spenders?  We believe that if we can empower candidates and campaigns from the school board races and local issue campaigns to the highest level of government, we all win.

Local Campaigns – Easy Templates / Easy Targeting / Great Results

Who We Are

Let’s first say who we are not. We are not high-paid political operatives.  We are not a big time ad agency. We are people who are passionate about democracy.  We believe that by providing great technology to the masses, the more voices will be heard, and more ideas will be considered, giving individuals the opportunity to make better informed choices, thus strengthening our democracy. We are experts in mobile micro-targeting.  We have developed best practices in political marketing for mobile and we want to make this accessible to candidates and issue campaigns at scale, across the country.

And some of us have fancy degrees and have had fancy jobs, but those things don’t define us.

Improving our democracy will.


We believe in the integrity of our electoral process.  That is why we do what we do.  Therefore, every ad placed through VoteMAP is previewed by human eyes.  We don’t do shady and we don’t do hate.  If either apply to you, please go elsewhere.