Bring the Power of Mobile Phone Targeting to Your Campaign

Our cutting edge technology and mobile-first approach help you reach audiences that are often overlooked by traditional IP targeting including: people of color, young adults, rural voters and low-income Americans.


At heart, VoteMAP is a mobile data company. It’s what we do with our data that win campaigns. We use the latest micro-targeting technology to build your audience at the household level with unparalleled accuracy. Our capabilities include:

  • A “time machine” that allows us to build audiences from any location in the past year including political rallies, protests, campuses, or commercial locations like clinics.
  • Creating “live geofences” to serve ads in locations where your voters maybe like a political rally or polling location.
  • Serve polls and surveys at scale within apps and attribute completed surveys back to a voter file.
  • Deliver rich content like “click to text” “Click to Schedule”, or “Click to Email” campaigns.
  • Serve ads in the language the mobile device is set to, no guessing by surname.
  • Tack engagement, provide a daily report of performance and optimize campaigns over time.
  • Penetrate deeper into audiences with premium inventory and non-skippable video content across a network of more than a dozen DSPs.
  • Forgo charging set up or retainer fees or creative change, or other fees.
  • Serve ads to OTT/CTV devices and streaming services, desktop web, and mobile web.

Campaigns of any size – banner ads, video, surveys and more.

Who We Are

We are technologists, data scientists, and political operatives who are passionate about democracy. With VoteMAP we are democratizing data and bringing enterprise-level innovation to progressive campaigns of all sizes. We are experts in location-based targeting that have developed best practices in political marketing for mobile.